Real Name
Danny Flint
First Appearance
Comics Greatest World [Week 4]: Motorhead (August, 1993)
Mike Richardson. Lee Weeks
Team Affliation
Wolf Gang
Base of Operations
Steel Harbor
Super Strong, Super Durable
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Breaker is an antihero from the Dark Horse Universe and a gang member in Steel Harbor.


No origin is given for Breaker, though he likely gained his powers from the actions of Vortex.


Very little is known about what Breaker's real name is, where he comes from or what he did before he joined the Wolf Gang.  At some point, Breaker discovered he had powers that gave him superstrength and made it impossible to touch most objects without breaking them.  Later, he would join the Wolf Gang, a criminal group which had earned Breaker's complete loyalty.

Breaker was convinced by Hunter to help him battle Mace Blitzkrieg but was soon quickly defeated despite his incredible power.


Super Strength - Breakers main super-power is his incredible strength, causing him to break nearly anything he gets his hands on.  This also means he lacks the ability to control his super strength, often becoming a danger simply by touching things.

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