The Blue Lantern Corps

Blue lantern corps

First Appearance
Green Lantern (vol. 4) #25 (December, 2007)
Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver
Elpis, Odym (formerly)
Saint Walker, Brother Warth, Brother Hynn, Sister Sercy, Nicole Morrison, Brother Shon
Rallying Cry
In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite, When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright! [Blue Lantern Oath]
Gadgets and Vehicles
Blue Lantern Rings

The Blue Lantern Corps is an organization in the DC Universe, is one of the nine Lantern Corps and is a frequent ally of the Green Lantern Corps.


Deciding that the universe needed hope for the future, two Guardians of the Universe used the blue light energy to create the Blue Lantern Corps to spread hope throughout the universe.  


Before the Blue LanternsEdit

The Green Lanterns, a vast organization of peacekeepers were created by the entities known as the Guardians of the Universe in the hopes of protecting the universe from the forces of evil and strife.


At the end of the war with the Sinestro Corps and after being exiled from The Guardians for his individuality, Ganthet and Sayd started the Blue Lantern Corps on the planet Odym by creating a blue power ring out of their hope for the future. Blue Lanterns, like any lantern, harness the emotion of hope to create constructs. the Avatar of Hope is Adara. Although not directly the most powerful lanterns, they are able to instill great hope and super charge any green lantern's ring, because; "Hope is nothing without the willpower to enact it." Due to the fact that Red Lanterns were made before the Blue, the ring of the Blue lanterns can have the power to reverse the effect that a Red Lantern ring can ave on a person. The first to join this new group was Saint Walker.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

  • Allies: Kyle Rayner (from the Green Lantern Corps), Arkillo (from the Sinestro Corps), Bleez (from the Red Lantern Corps), Glomulus from the Orange Lantern Corps), Munk (from the Indigo Tribe), Gatality (from the Star Sapphires)
  • Enemies: The Reach

Oath, Powers, and EmotionEdit

  • Oath: In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full our souls ignite, when all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars for hope burns bright
  • Powers: Energy blasts, healing others and themselves, and with a Green Lantern can unlock energy constructs.
  • Emotion: Hope

Notable BLC (Blue Lantern Corps)Edit

  • Saint Walker

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