The Beagle Brothers being yelled at by the Phantom Blot, whom they teamed up with

The Beagle Boys are recurring villains in the animated TV series DuckTales and are the enemies of Gizmoduck. They originally appeared frequently appear in Disney comics (namely the Uncle Scrooge comics), but rarely fought superheroes.


In the comics, the Beagle Boys never fought superheroes, rather acting as antagonists for Scrooge McDuck as thieves and ne'er-do-wells.


The Beagle Boys appeared on the TV series DuckTales as recurring antagonists to Scrooge McDuck, though in the first few seasons, they weren't related to superheroes.  However, when Gizmoduck entered the series, they quickly became his primary antagonists.  They first faced Gizmoduck on his first adventure, where he used his super-powers and wit to defeat the Beagle Boys latest plan to steal Scrooge McDuck's fortune.  Eventually, they were able to use technology to take control of Gizmoduck, but he was eventually able to break free and defeat them.

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