This is a disambiguation page for the various characters named Batgirl, all of whom are owned by DC and most of whom exist in the DC Universe (or its extended multiverse).

DC ComicsEdit

- Barbara Gordon is a the most famous Batgirl, the one who held the title longest and the current Batgirl.  She was also previously known as Oracle during a period where she was wheelchair-bound.

- Betty Kane was the original Bat-Girl and was the sidekick to the original Batwoman.

- Cassandra Cain was a former assassin who gave up a life of killing to become the next Batgirl after Barbara Gordon.

- Stephanie Brown, more famously known as the Spoiler, had a brief role as Batgirl when Batman created his team Batman Incorporated.

- Helena Bertinelli also had a brief tenure as Batgirl, but is more famous as the Huntress.

- Superpowered teen Charlie Gage-Radcliffe attempted to claim the mantle for a time before being Barbara Gordon's ally Misfit.

- Supervillain/antihero Harley Quinn took on the identity of Batgirl very briefly.

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