Amoeba Boys

Amoeba Boys

First Appearance
The Whoopass Girls, "A Stick Situation"
Craig McCracken
Bossman, Junior, Slim
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets

The Amoeba Boys are incompetent supervillains in the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.

Chuck McCann voices all three Amoeba Boys.


No origin has been goven for the Amoeba Boys


Where the Amoeba Boys came from has never been revealed. They are first seen being such incompetent criminals that the Powerpuff Girls decided to teach them how to do it properly.  On another occasion, the Boys attempted to commit the crime of standing on the grass with a keep off the grass sign.  Though they failed to attract any infamy, they ended up catching a cold that, due to their unique biology, created a new illness similar to the common cold that left Townsville incapacitated.  After Buttercup berates the Boys on their incompetence, the Boys decide to leave town.  When Professor Utonium, the Girls' father and creator, discovers that the Boys were both responsible and capable of providing a cure, he sent the Girls to retrieve them.  Eventually, they agreed to go with them, but only after the Girls gave them their demand: to be taken by force via a superhero/villain battle.  They are and though the Girls are severely weakened by their sickness, the Amoeba Boys are still easily defeated and comply.

The Amoeba Boys next appeared in an attempt to ruin the Girls birthday, though due to their incompetance, they merely gave them dolls as gifts.

Later, the Amoeba Boys unintentionally stumble across the evil plans of Mojo Jojo, the Girls' archvillain.  The Boys, unaware of what they are holding, are approached by the Powerpuff Girls, who are equally unaware and mistakenly think that the incompetant villains are on some sort of scavenger hunt.


  • Bossman
  • Junior
  • Slim

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